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About the country

The breathtaking panorama of Switzerland is created by the majestic mountains, numerous lakes, and charming villages. These sceneries are said to be what make Switzerland the ideal holiday location for discovering various cultures.

Switzerland's beautiful landscapes are one of its main charms. From the towering summits of Jungfraujoch, sometimes known as "The Top of Europe," to the panoramic passes of Great St. Bernard and Furka, this nation provides the sweeping panoramas you need to shake off the final remnants of pandemic-induced cabin fever.

Switzerland offers a remarkably cosmopolitan collection of cities for such a tiny country. The first place that springs to mind is opulent Zurich, with its high-end stores and buzzing creative environment. However, other towns, such with Bern, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Germanic Basel, noted for its stunning architecture and yearly ART Basel festival, entice with their dynamic vitality.

With its well-marked and maintained routes across some of Europe's most beautiful Alpine scenery, Switzerland attracts walking and trekking lovers from all over the world. Rail travel is one of the most memorable ways to tour Switzerland, and there are several high-altitude lines that are rated among the most magnificent in the world. The Glacier Express and the Bernina Express are by far the most well-known.

Swiss cuisine consists of more than just cheese and chocolate (though they do both very well). The nation is rich in regional recipes that reflect the French, Italian, or Germanic traditions of each Canton, as well as rustic Alpine classics based on Swiss staples like root vegetables and, of course, cheese.

Sri Lankan passport holders require a visa to travel to Switzerland.

10 best places to visit in Switzerland :
  1. Zürich

  2. Geneva

  3. Zermatt

  4. Basel

  5. Lucerne

  6. Saint Moritz

  7. Bern

  8. Interlaken

  9. Lausanne

  10. Grindelwald

Applying for a Visitor visa to Switzerland :
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