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About the country

There's something for everyone here, with about 100,000 lakes, many spectacular mountain ranges, bucolic woods, undulating farmland, mushroom and berry harvesting, the midnight sun, and the northern lights.

In Sweden, there are several landmarks to see. Because of the country's abundance of palaces, Sweden is a perfect destination for aficionados of the monarchy and the tradition of royalty in Europe. Stockholm Palace is a must-see attraction for anybody visiting the Swedish capital. If you enjoy museums, Sweden is most likely the place for you. This country is home to a number of great museums covering a wide range of topics.

Sweden is not just one of the happiest countries in the world, but it is also considered to be safer than many other countries. When it comes to national parks, Sweden has a lot of them. Sweden, like the other Nordic nations, is endowed with a gorgeous natural scenery, which is showcased in its famed parks.

People come from all over the globe to see the spectacular Aurora Borealis from the Nordic nations, and Sweden is frequently one of the first options. If you want to view the Northern Lights in Sweden, head to Abisko, which is home to the Aurora Sky Station.

Sri Lankan passport holders require a valid visa to travel to Sweden

10 best places to visit in Sweden :
  1. Stockholm

  2. Gothenburg

  3. Malmö Municipality

  4. Visby

  5. Kiruna

  6. Uppsala

  7. Lund

  8. Helsingborg

  9. Abisko

  10. Luleå

Applying for a Visitor visa to Sweden :
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