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About the country

When it comes to must-see locations in Spain, we are truly spoiled for choice. Madrid and Barcelona are world-renowned for their dynamic arts and cultural scenes, amazing gastronomy, incredible museums, and impressive shopping opportunities.

Spain is a country rich with natural beauty and inspirational scenery, from the majestic, imposing mountains to the innumerable shimmering beaches that dot its shores. If breathtaking vistas and one-of-a-kind landscape pique your interest, our top recommendation is to visit Tenerife, where you can take in the stunning volcanic views and panoramic scenery.

The country's dynamic capitals have Michelin-starred restaurants and lively tapas bars, while small-town cafés and restaurants serve traditional cuisine created with love from family recipes, including as paella, seafood stew, and chorizo. Because Spanish food is regarded for being tasty, nutritious, and flavorful, there are many unique meals available to excite your taste buds.

If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, Spain has it everything, from one of the world's scariest pathways to a zip line connecting Spain and Portugal. Skiing and snowboarding, scuba diving, and hiking are all world-class activities, while the northern coast of Spain hosts yearly surfing championships.

Spain is home to numerous stunning islands, ranging from the party island of Ibiza and the volcanic vistas of Tenerife to the tranquil Canary Islands of Menorca and Graciosa, where the streets are entirely composed of sand. Every year, millions of visitors visit the Balearic and Canary Islands because of its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and welcoming residents.

Sri Lankan passport holders require na valid visa to travel to Spain.

10 best places to visit in Spain :
  1. Barcelona

  2. Madrid

  3. Seville

  4. Majorca

  5. Ibiza

  6. Tenerife

  7. Granada

  8. Valencia

  9. Málaga

  10. Palma

Applying for a Visitor visa to Spain :
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