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About the country

South Korea boasts a rich and distinct Asian culture, wonderful Buddhist temples, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, tasty and healthy cuisine, and cities like Seoul that provide everything from luxury hotels to shopping and nightlife.

South Korea is proud of its history and traditions. The country is home to 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including temples, palaces, and castles in places like Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Jeju. South Koreans adore coffee! The country's café culture is thriving, with a plethora of cafes, both local and worldwide branded chains, serving a nice cup of brew whenever you want it.

The Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul is the ideal spot to start if you want to enjoy an amazing Korean fiesta. This neighborhood is home to a plethora of underground clubs and pubs. Busan also ranks high in terms of late-night excitement.

A South Korean tourist visa is required for Sri Lankan citizens.

10 best places to visit in South Korea :
  1. Seoul

  2. Busan

  3. Jeju-si

  4. Incheon

  5. Gyeongju-si

  6. Daegu

  7. Jeonju-si

  8. Daejeon

  9. Seoraksan National Par

  10. Suwon-si

Applying for a Visitor visa to South Korea :
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