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About the country

Pakistan, formally the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a southern Asian country bounded to the east by India and China, to the west by Afghanistan and Iran, and to the south by the Arabian Sea. Pakistan has a population of 164,741,924 people, according to 2007 estimates. Pakistan is the world's sixth most populous country. It is located at 30° north latitude and 70° east longitude. Pakistan has an area of 803,940 square kilometers.

Tourism in Pakistan began 4000 years ago with the entrance of the first visitor - the Aryans, who fell in love with our country and never left. The Persians were followed by the Greeks, the Bactrians, the white Huns, the Turks, the Moghuls, and the British. However, this country, which was once a popular tourist destination, is just now making a comeback. We arrived late, but with a promising infrastructure, we can please even the most discriminating travelers. Tourists looking for an unexplored, untouched gateway can find a holiday full of beautiful panoramas here.Travel from the mountainous Karakoram and Hindu Kush Mountains in the north to the ancient fort-dotted deserts in the south. Pakistan is a year-round destination, with new activities popping up all the time. have smart, contemporary, and cosmopolitan cities, yet they still have age-old bazaars and antique sites that take days to tour. We have fascinating communities with unique cultures that speak quietly of the past and adhere to old-fashioned practices that make every visitor into an enthralled

Pakistan, located at a historical crossroads, is a place of amazing contrasts. Pakistan drenches the senses with mountain beauty and diverse tribal cultures, from its southern arid plains to the terraced green fields of Askoli in the north (the final settlement before K-2).

Many civilizations have settled along the banks of the powerful Indus River over the centuries. The Indus, the father of rivers, begins its journey in the Sub-distant continent's heights.

Pakistanis are famous for their warmth and kindness. Far from the civic turbulence that periodically afflicts Karachi and many other Asian towns, the mountain people of Northern Pakistan eagerly await your arrival. Come join them in a world of unrivaled beauty and drama, and discover and witness for yourself what so few others have.

Pakistan is a year- round destination, with new adventures developing each year.

Sri Lankan passport holders require a visa to enter the Pakistan.

10 best places to visit in Pakistan :
  1. Lahore

  2. Karachi

  3. Islamabad

  4. Peshawar

  5. Multan

  6. Skardu

  7. Kalasha Valleys

  8. Hunza

  9. Peshawar

  10. Gojal Valley

Applying for a Visitor visa to Pakistan:
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