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About the country

There are several reasons to travel to Norway. Mountains, fjords, the Northern Lights, Sami culture, whale watching, and much much more await you, and the Norwegian people will gladly welcome you. If you visit Norway, you will have once-in-a-lifetime experiences and the opportunity to cross something off your wishlist.

One of the primary reasons Norway was named the happiest country is that they spend so much of their time outdoors. Even the cities in this nation are surrounded by natural beauty. Bergen, Stavanger, and Oslo all have fantastic contemporary facilities.

Norway's heritage extends back to the Ice Age, when the earliest evidence of human remains was discovered, as well as the Viking Age, which has piqued the attention of people all around the world and has been the focus of countless modern movies and dramas. There are several iconic travel images shot in Norway, most notably those of tourists dangling over the ends of cliffs viewing fjords. Gaularjell, Dalsnibba, and Geirangerfjorden are some places noted for their spectacular views.

Northern lights may be seen in a variety of Nordic countries, including Norway. The lights can be viewed from most locations, with relatively flat terrain allowing for a better view of the stunning colors.

Sri Lankan citizens require a Norwegian Schengen visa in order to visit Norway for tourism purposes. A visitor's visa permits you to remain in Norway or other Schengen countries for up to 90 days in a 180-day perio

10 best places to visit in Norway :
  1. Oslo

  2. Bergen

  3. Tromsø Municipality

  4. Stavanger

  5. Tromsø

  6. Trondheim

  7. Alesund

  8. Geirangerfjord

  9. Flåm

  10. Geiranger

Applying for a Visitor visa to Norway :
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