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About the country

India, which is located in South Asia, is made up of 29 states and 7 union territories, all of which have distinct cultures, dialects, and customs. A journey to India will undoubtedly be full of unexpected encounters; nevertheless, one thing is certain: you will not return home exactly the same after your Indian adventure. India has something to offer everyone.

Perhaps no other nation can match India's culinary diversity. Nothing compares to traveling throughout India by rail, an experience that evokes awe, tense expectation, and heady thrill all at the same time. Luxurious accommodations are reasonably priced, eating out is inexpensive, and you can travel over the nation by rail for pennies.

10 best places to visit in India :
  1. Mumbai

  2. New Delhi

  3. Goa

  4. Jaipur

  5. Bengaluru

  6. Udaipur

  7. Chennai

  8. Agra

  9. Kolkata

  10. Varanasi

Applying for a Visitor visa to India :
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