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About the country

There is a lot of natural beauty. The countryside of Hungary is full of naturally gorgeous scenery, and the greatest thing is that they are typically untouched and pristine! Hungary's countryside is both gorgeous and tranquil, from the natural vistas of Hortobágy National Park to the spectacular caverns of Lillafüred.

In Hungary, there are about 1000 natural spring water sources. Hungarians constructed dozens of spa baths around the country to make use of the therapeutically warm waters. Budapest has five baths, but Szechenyi is the largest and most beautiful.

Sri Lankan passport holders require a valid visa to travel to Hungary.

10 best places to visit in Hungary :
  1. Budapest

  2. Lake Balaton

  3. Pécs

  4. Hungarian Parliament Building

  5. Széchenyi Thermal Bath

  6. Széchenyi Chain Bridge

  7. Central Market Hall

  8. Hungarian State Opera

  9. Vajdahunyad Castl

  10. City Park

Applying for a Visitor visa to Hungary :
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