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About the country

Through its history of food, tea traditions, medicine, poetry and art, calligraphy, opera, clothing, festivals, and so much more, China has the world's finest range of culture. Yellow Mountain (Huang Shan), Mount Huashan, Mount Emei, and Mount Everest are all popular destinations for travelers interested in climbing, trekking, and mountain vistas. Tourists are advised to visit rivers with spectacular scenery, such as the Li River in Guilin and the Yangtze River, and a cruise is an ideal way to experience river scenery. China, known as the "Four Ancient Civilizations," has a 5,000-year history and has produced a wide range of man-made wonders and splendid culture, allowing you to quickly become acquainted with China and the Chinese people. You can enjoy mouthwatering Chinese dishes such as Chinese chili sauce, Chinese hot pot, Beijing roast duck, dumplings, Gongbao chicken, Lanzhou noodles (lamian), and Chinese barbeque (Lu Chuan). From the hotel to the meals, to the transportation and the entry fees to the attractions, everything is inexpensive. For Sri Lankans, a tourist visa to China is necessary. The stay is normally limited to 30 days, and the visa expires in 90 days.

10 best places to visit in China :
  1. Beijing

  2. Shanghai

  3. Chongqing

  4. Xi An

  5. Shenzhen

  6. Guilin

  7. Shenzhen

  8. Nanjing

  9. Harbin

  10. Wuhan

Applying for a Visitor visa to China :

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