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About the country

Bahrain has a very liberal culture that allows both locals and visitors unlimited freedom. Furthermore, what distinguishes it from the majority of Gulf nations is that it finds the ideal mix of contemporary and classic living.

Bahrain is comprised of 33 natural islands and many man-made islands in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is home to a plethora of spectacular hotels. This country has several fantastic beach resorts in Manama and elsewhere in the kingdom.

Visit the well-known Riffa fort, which has crenulated bulwarks and historic courtrooms. Explore the meandering streets of authentic Arabic bazaars. The Bahrain National Museum is a must-see for history buffs. You will learn how the historic Portuguese and Persian invasions greatly affected the city's culture.

Bahrainis are among the kindest, most helpful, and gregarious people you'll ever encounter. Their culture is highly steeped in hospitality. According to reports, Bahrain is home to more than half of the world's expats. This, like Dubai, makes Bahrain a multicultural haven.

Despite the fact that the Bahraini Dinar is a very strong currency against the USD or EUR, you may still go on a budget trip. Except for the Bahrain National Museum and the Al Dar Islands, all tourist attractions are free of charge.

For citizens of Sri Lanka, a tourist visa to Bahrain is necessary.

10 best places to visit in Bahrain :
  1. Manama

  2. Muharraq

  3. Riffa

  4. Zallaq

  5. Seef

  6. Isa Town

  7. Hamad Town

  8. Bahrain Island

  9. Al Hidd

  10. Budaiya

Applying for a Visitor visa to Bahrain :
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