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Tourist Visa to  Israel


Capital : Jerusalem

Currency :  Israeli Shekel

Dialing Code :  +972


 Embassy address :  90, Cotta Road, Colombo 08,  Sri Lanka

Contact number :  +94 117 390 200


Israel is a country with incredible natural beauty, world-class culture, unrivaled history, and incredible people. Jerusalem is the world's holiest city, sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. The Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are all located in Jerusalem's Old City. Anyone who adheres to these three faiths is thus compelled to pay a visit.


Tel Aviv is a fantastic 24-hour city with a diverse range of culture, festivals, nightlife, beaches, and other amenities. According to some surveys, the residents of Tel Aviv are the most attractive in the world, and the city has an unrivaled nightlife.


From incredible street cuisines like falafel and sabich to fantastic local fare like hummus and shakshuka to the greatest fine-dining possible, Israel has it all. Both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have a plethora of fantastic restaurants. 


Israel is also incredibly varied geographically. There are flora and mountains in Jerusalem, but Tel Aviv is more of a sultry coastal city. The Golan Heights, to the north, offer skiing, while the Galilee and Carmel mountains, with their gorgeous forests, are located between the two.


In Israel, one location stands out above all others: the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, is undoubtedly the most spiritual site a secular person can visit. The enormous emptiness of its salt beds and dry mountains can have far-reaching consequences. Mud baths are also claimed to be beneficial to your skin and to have healing properties.


Sri Lankan passport holders require a valid visa to travel to Israel.

10 best places to visit in Israel    :

  1. Tel Aviv-Yafo

  2. Jerusalem

  3. Haifa

  4. Eilat

  5. Sea of Galilee

  6. Nazareth

  7. Acre

  8. Negev

  9. Caesarea

  10. Tiberias


Applying  for a Visitor visa to  Israel  :


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