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Tourist Visa to Finland 


Capital : Helsinki


Currency : Euro 

Dialing Code : +358


 Embassy address :  No. 409, 1st Floor, Galle Road
Colombo 3 , Sri Lanka

Contact number : +94 114 727 222

Website :,

Finland's hundreds of lakes are surrounded by lovely forested mountains and valleys. There is pristine and unique wildlife like nowhere other, snow-capped mountains and forests, and the stunning auroras, or Northern Lights.


Finland has led the World Happiness Report tables for the previous four years. What are the reasons? According to the Helsinki Times, the region has beautiful landscapes and nature, a laid-back style of life, low crime rates, a good standard of living, and an excellent school system.


Any time of year is a good time to visit Arctic Finland. In the summer, the sun never sets, providing all-day chances for outdoor recreation such as hiking and animal observation. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Rauma's wooden homes serves as a superb focal point for any tour. It's a short walk to Rauma, which offers a variety of hotels and restaurants to pick from.


For all international students, study programs offered in Finnish or Swedish are free.


Sri Lankan citizens require a valid visa to travel to Finland

10 best places to visit in Finland   :

  1. Helsinki

  2. Rovaniemi

  3. Turku

  4. Tampere

  5. Oulu

  6. Saariselkä

  7. Oy Levi Ski Resort

  8. Porvoo

  9. Porvoo

  10. Jyväskylä


Applying  for a Visitor visa to Finland  :


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