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Tourist Visa to  Canada


Capital : Ottawa


Currency : Canadian Dollar

Dialing Code : +1

Embassy address : 33 5th Ln, Colombo 00300

Contact number : +94 115 226 232


With one of the world's longest ski seasons, a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and some of the world's most magnificent natural beauties, it's no surprise that Canada vacations are at the top of many people's travel bucket lists. Canada is recognized as one of the world's nicest countries, with Canadians being named the world's friendliest people in a research conducted in 2016.


Canada has some amazing beauty, with its scenic coasts, spectacular mountains, huge plains, and picturesque woods. The Yukon boasts one of the longest seasons in the world for viewing the Northern Lights, making it one of the greatest spots in the world to witness these beautiful light shows in the sky. Because the majority of the region is outside the Arctic Circle, you may see the Northern Lights on a clear night from August to April.


During your tour, stop by some of Canada's most renowned cities, which are friendly and inviting, and also full of amazing things that you can't ignore. Because of the many ethnicities, the food is diverse, and in locations like Ontario and Nova Scotia, there are numerous inventive brewers creating local beers.


Bears, cougars, wolves, and other wild creatures may be found in Canada. Orcas, Minke Whales, Humpback Whales, Harbour Porpoise, Dall's Porpoise, and Harbour Seals are among the animals that may be found in Canada's waters. 


The Rocky Mountaineer train excursion is one of the world's most renowned railway journeys. The stunning vistas seen in Canada's national parks rank among the world's most attractive natural sites. In Canada, there are over 40 national parks to explore.


Skiing vacations in Canada are quite popular too.


Sri Lankan citizens need a valid visa to visit Canada.5

10 best places to visit in Canada :

  1. CN Tower

  2. Moraine Lake

  3. Stanley Park

  4. Royal Ontario Museum

  5. Fairmont Banff Springs

  6. Banff National Park

  7. Yoho National Park Of Canada

  8. Canada's Wonderland

  9. High Park

  10. Blue Mountain Ski Resort


Applying  for a Visitor visa to Canada :

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