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Tourist Visa to  Belgium


Capital : Brussels

Currency : Euro

Dialing Code : +32

Embassy address : Alwis Pl, Colombo 00700

Contact number : +94 112 387 511


The Kingdom of Belgium, located between France and the Netherlands, is sometimes referred to as the "Essence of Europe". Perhaps the most apparent reason to visit Belgium is for the stunning architecture, picturesque tiny villages on lakes, and even a huge metropolis like Antwerp, which has much to offer despite its greater size. Bruges is definitely Belgium's most popular tourist destination.
Brussels is one of the world's major metropolitan cities, serving as the headquarters of both the European Union and NATO. Belgian waffles are popular across Europe and the rest of the globe, but they taste best in Belgium. Not to mention the fried. Beer is an icon in Belgium, and there are lots of wonderful treats to be found here.
Climbing the 366 twisting and narrow stairs of the belfry to the observation deck, which is 83 meters high, is one of the most popular things to do in Belgium for tourists. Once at the summit, the vistas of church spires and steeple-roofs give one of the most well-known panoramas in the country.
Sri Lankan citizens require a valid visa to travel to Belgium. In Sri Lanka, Belgium does not have a visa department. Belgium is represented in Colombo by the Embassy of Switzerland for short stay visas (up to 90 days) C type - Schengen.

10 best places to visit in Belgium:

  1. Antwerp

  2. Bruges

  3. Ghent

  4. Brussels

  5. Leuven

  6. Liège

  7. Ostend

  8. Dinant

  9. Ardennes

  10. Namur

Applying  for a Visitor visa to Belgium :

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