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Tourist Visa to Belarus


Capital : Minsk

Currency :  Belarusian ruble

Dialing Code : +375

Contact number :  +94 246 976 64

Embassy address : Belarussian Honorary Consulate In Colombo, Sri Lanka Building No.1091, Way 3015 Al-shatty Qurm, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Website :

One of the most appealing aspects of Belarus to tourists is its natural beauty. The beauty of nature has made ecotourism a highly popular reason to visit Belarus. Countless farmhouses built near rivers and lakes are popular weekend getaways for both visitors and residents.


Distinctive national parks cover a large portion of the forest's land.
The most renowned of these is the Bialowieza woodland, which is located on the border with Poland. It is Europe's biggest forest, home to the continent's largest creature, the European bison.


Belarus is a country where folk culture and old customs are still alive and well. Generations earlier, paganism, ancestor worship, and nature worship were widespread among the people of what is now Belarus. Despite the fact that Belarus is now mostly a Christian country, some pagan celebrations and practices continue to exist.


Minsk was named the cheapest European city to visit in 2018. Belarus is a welcoming nation with a high level of education and openness for foreign citizens. There are more than 50 universities that accept foreign students, giving them the opportunity to study in Belarus.


A tourist visa is required for Sri Lankans to travel to Belarus.

10 best places to visit in  Belarus  :

  1. Minsk

  2. Brest

  3. Grodno

  4. Viciebsk

  5. Mogilev

  6. Gomel

  7. Niasviž

  8. Babruysk

  9. Lida

  10. Mazyr


Applying  for a Visitor visa to Belarus :


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