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Tourist Visa to Bangladesh


Capital : Dhaka

Currency : Bangladeshi taka

Dialing Code : +880

Embassy address : 3 Gregory's Rd, Colombo 00007

Contact number : +94 112 695 744


Bangladesh is a land crisscrossed by rivers, with a rich culture just waiting to be discovered by daring travelers. The mountainous areas of Sylhet and Chittagong in the east of the nation are ideal for hiking among tea farms, woods, and waterfalls. Furthermore, Cox's Bazar has the world's longest natural sandy beach, reaching 120 kilometers and hosting a thriving surf culture.


Despite Bangladesh is mostly a Muslim country, historical sites speak to the Hindu culture's impact. Buddhist and Adivasi tribal communities live in the Chittagong area.


If you are a Sri Lankan citizen and wish to visit Bangladesh, you must apply for a Bangladesh Tourist Visa.

10 best places to visit in Bngladesh  :

  1. Dhaka

  2. Cox's Bazar

  3. Chattogram

  4. Sylhet

  5. Rajshahi

  6. Barishal

  7. Khulna

  8. Bandarban

  9. Sonargaon

  10. Rangamati


Applying  for a Visitor visa to Bangladesh :


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