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Tourist Visa to Austria


Capital : Vienna

Currency :  Euro

Dialing Code : +43

Contact number : +94 112 385 660

Embassy address : No 6, Flower Terrace
Colombo 00300
Sri Lanka



Mountainous vistas, attractive towns, and a love of coffee and cake are just a few of the reasons why a trip to Austria is a must for anybody looking to explore.


When we think about Austria, one of the first things that come to mind is unquestionably its unrivaled music culture. Austria is often regarded as the beating heart of the European musical scene, with Salzburg serving as one of the greatest examples.


Every year, people who like skiing and other winter activities go to the snow-capped summits of Austria's Central Alps. Austria is a really authentic location where you can still breathe and enjoy the capital's inner essence. If you enjoy seeing architectural landmarks, Austria is the ideal place for you.


Austria is one of the cleanest countries on the planet.


Sri Lankan people require a Schengen visa to enter Austria.

10 best places to visit in Austria  :

  1. Bad Gastein

  2. Worthersee

  3.  Graz

  4.  Zillertal Alps

  5. Grossglockner Alpine Road

  6. St Anton am Arlberg

  7.  Wachau

  8. Innsbruck

  9. Salzkammergut

  10. Vienna


Applying  for a Visitor visa to Austria :


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