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Light Vehicle Mechanic

Are you a skilled light vehicle mechanic seeking a new adventure? Red Migration is on the lookout for talented mechanics to join leading automotive teams across Australia. Enjoy competitive pay, top-notch facilities, and a supportive work environment.

Light Vehicle Mechanic
Light Vehicle Mechanic

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About the vacancy

Duties and Responsibilities;

  • Apply safe working practices
  • Carry out diagnostic procedures
  • Inspect and service braking systems
  • Repair hydraulic braking systems
  • Test, service, and charge batteries
  • Carry out repairs to electrical circuits
  • Repair charging systems
  • Repair starting systems
  • Service and repair electronic spark ignition engine management systems
  • Service and repair electronic drive management systems
  • Inspect and service engines
  • Inspect and service cooling systems
  • Inspect and service emission control systems
  • Inspect and service transmissions (manual/ automatic)
  • Service final drive assemblies
  • Service final drive (drive line)
  • Inspect, service and/ or repair clutch assemblies and associated operating system components
  • Repair engines and associated engine components (light vehicle) 
  • Repair transmissions - manual (light vehicle)
  • Service & repair all fuel systems
  • Inspect, service and repair steering systems
  • Inspect, service and repair suspension systems

Qualifications Required;

  • Trade certificate and 2 years of experience post study
  • Current driver’s license and the ability to convert driver’s license to an Australian driver license (this may include passing a knowledge test on Road Rules, a Hazard test, and a driving test)


  • Base salary Plus Superannuation
  • Relocation Assistance: Includes bringing immediate family members to the location at the same time.

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